Looking for appropriate music illustration for your short movie? Want to enrich your video game with extraordinary and suitable sound effects? Really tight with time and budget while working on your trailer? My offer is then just for you.

My video games career started around 2006 but artistic experience date back to early 90s when I made my first steps with legendary Commodore 64 as a little kid. Later years brought experience with so called music trackers and non-profit association of very talented computer artists and programmers known as demoscene. Since then interest in music industry has immensely grown and I took professional path.

Jammer Studio offers high quality music composition together with arrangement and post production as well as sound design based both on unique mixes of stock sounds and custom folley/field recording. I also offer assistance with sound implementation in majority of game engines such as Unreal Engine or Unity which includes creating/managing sound packages and technical backup for audio scripting. My priority is to put maximum amount of professionalism and devotion into every project I am involved in. Constantly growing experience allows me to find optimal balance between best possible quality, client’s demands and production time. I guarantee regular and constructive exchange throughout the whole process of audio creation to ensure that everything is in the right place. You can also count on later free help and advices.